I know something other people don’t. And not because it’s a secret. It’s because I spent 20 years doing it. Interpreting price is not learned overnight.

There exists no “formal” training for it. So don’t expect to be trading consistently tomorrow if you are a beginner. 

I am not a guru. I know how to use price-charts to make a profit.

Most of the information out there about trading is worthless; published by internet content marketers to make a fast buck. 

I would rather honestly train a few people a month legitimately than try to run an internet business. I don’t have to do that. I’m a trader. 

I am not looking to build an internet marketing empire. I don’t talk BS to sell courses.

Are you really serious about trading? There is a difference between someone who wants to do this sincerely and a hobbyist taking how-to courses. 

I challenge you. Are you really serious about this? This might not be for you, but in 6 months working with me, you can find out and have a fighting chance in the most competitive business ON EARTH. 

Here’s the great thing. You won’t have to spend 10 years kicking it around and wasting your time. This is not for everyone. If you are not really seeking honest results, then don’t waste your time and mine. 

I know that I can help the right students because I’ve been doing it for years.